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Sofa Surfer

by Indidginus

Lyrics: CHORUS (X2) Mercy, mercy me! Tell me what are we gonna do?! (HEY!!!) Mercy, mercy me! (Tell me now!) Mercy, mercy me! What the hell are you gonna do?! (HEY!!!) Mercy, mercy me! (Tell me now!) (Lord have Mercy!) VERSE (SUNG) So little time to decide/ What if's and maybe's could never be your guide/ We all have been there before/ Again someday we'll have to walk through that same ol' door, but/ Don't you know!?/ You'll become stronger! Stronger! Stronger! Hey! Don't you know!? You will last longer, longer! Longer! CHORUS VERSE (RAGGA) Just a little reminder! Life is short, so watch how uno spend ya time here!/ And no bawlin'! Be a little kinder! To all di people on di sides and in front and behind ya!/ Nuff stress daily! Nuff frustration, you can't tink clearly/ Burden upon burden mek you feel empty/ Wicked man, dem a suckin' up all your energy/ But, we cyan't give up!/ many times we are fallin'/ and we cyan't hear di Voice of Jah Jah's callin'/ (Lord!) Stronger! (Blow!) Is what you will become./ Stronger! (Blow!) than any man and woman!/ Stronger! (Blow!) Beca' you know what a gwan!/ Stronger! Just like uno weigh more than a ton! (Blow!)
Lyrics: Ah dis ya 1 called beef To ala the man them Unofi hard&stif Me blaze wolipa them lik a high grade spliff To all dem badmind them UNO better quickly believe Born pon ah edge of a cliff. Disrespect me race ya spit Ina me face Put a bwoy Ina him place UNO style a disgrace Increase the pace and take over the race Black people Ina the space we is better than ace And while the cow graze InI spliff blaze We na lost Ina the maze western culture we erase Burn fire fi days me cuda give you details Thisa ya last phase enemy follow Patrick swayze Me cuda mash up UNO teet wita likl piece a tool And never take a strole bwoy dong Ina me hood Bwoy afi respect to the max ah dat you should And better disappear before mood come pretty rude Before UNO drown Ina your stinky dinky blood pool Fire Ina your rass ah this ya one nah go cool Ah fake Rasta bwoy UNO dreads me ago pull Babylon the fool and Selassie I rule Clean up the government flush them donga drain We need fi take we land back and rastaman reign Revolution hafi dweet and stop the complain We have no leaders Marcus Garvey please come again We school uniform is full of blood stain Black stop the fighting like Abel and Kane No needle ina we vain we nah pop no champaign Blacker than the Panther them whiter than cocain
Lyrics: Burro di stelle di pioggia di baci quanto mi piaci Burro di stelle di pioggia di baci quanto mi piaci Chi vuole i baci dei fior della collina nati all'alba di questa mattina ? Chi vuole i baci dei fior della collina nati all'alba di questa mattina ? Questi dadi non segnano mai fanno così per non comprometter ( x 2)
Reveal 05:01


Album Mix Video - www.youtube.com/watch?v=vguXS2mdAPE

Welcome to "Sofa Surfer" - the magnum opus of Indidginus, the purveyor of quality riddims since 1996. With a focus on drum and bass, dubstep, dancehall, dub, and global bass music, Indidginus' music is known for its authenticity, expressiveness, and danceability.

Incorporating a diverse array of influences, Indidginus' live performances are always a crowd pleaser. One unique element of his signature sound is the slide didgeridoo, which he skillfully blends into his performances, adding an unusual and inspired take on the tribal instrument.

Indidginus' music is receiving critical acclaim and widespread support from top DJs and tastemakers in the industry, including Nihal from BBC Radio 1, Bobby Friction from BBC Radio Asian Network, Tom Robinson from BBC Radio 6, Sonny Ji from BBC Radio Asian Network, Mad Decent selector Caballo, Liquid Stranger, ill Gates, Adrian Sherwood, Red Bull Studios, Rod Azlan from Choice FM/Rinse FM, and Unity Radio.

The "Sofa Surfer" album was even awarded the title of "Best Album" on the Tropical Bass website. So if you're a fan of dub, dubstep, dancehall, chillstep, or dance music, you won't want to miss out on this electrifying album from Indidginus. Check it out now and get ready to hit the dance floor!


released May 18, 2011

Album artwork by Gerhard van Wyk.


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Indidginus Portugal

Music. In various sizes.

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